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Meet Biff! 

​He is one of eight artists here at Nice Enough Stickers. However, Biff is the founder. So, he's kinda a big deal! Biff won't tell you this because it isn't polite to brag or even talk about yourself as a Minnesotan. Don't worry, though. We will give you all the dirt.

​Biff is a person that doesn't stop. No, literally, his mind is a constant whirl. Not in the disheveled sort of way. He is always laser-focused and mission-driven. He is the only one in our workshop that doesn't drink caffeine. We usually don't trust those people, but if Biff would drink coffee or soda... We fear the outcome.

​All kidding aside, Biff is a creator. He makes things happen. Sometimes this is done for no reason other than he believes some ideas simply need to exist. More often than not, the motivation is to make other's lives or the world a better place.

​If you spend any time around Biff, you will quickly learn several Biff'isms. Most of them don't embrace a specific dogma or singular belief. For example, Biff believes in continual curiosity, embracing failure, and always challenging what one regards as fact. That said, the one guiding rule he has imparted with Nice Enough most fervently is, "The only way to achieve success is to create it for others. This doesn't work the other way around." This formula for success is what Nice Enough Stickers is about.

​This idea goes beyond our workshop walls. Biff serves on countless board of directors for non-profit organizations. He gives of his time and resources promoting education, equality, and environmentalism. Biff believes in small business and increasing the size of the pie for everyone to prosper. He cheers on other's growth and accomplishments. 

​For all these reasons, we are excited to welcome you to the Nice Enough Family. We mean it with all of our heart that we are here to serve you. 

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