Cheeky Jesus Stickers

If stickers were a religion, Cheeky Jesus would be our savior. Like us, he believes people are inherently good, and also like us, he definitely had a sense of humor. Preach it with Cheeky Jesus stickers that remind us how Jesus Loves Everyone You Hate and yeah, no matter your mischief, Jesus Saw That. This collection doesn’t take itself too seriously because we don’t think He would’ve either. He was probably the life of the party, surrounded by all types of people who laughed, were kind, and lived life to the fullest, regardless of their beliefs. 

Illustrated by Nice Enough founder Biff Ulm and made with only the highest color and print-quality standards, our decal-quality stickers will withstand weather, water, dishwasher cycles, and probably, eternal life. Whether you’re religious, spiritual, none of the above, or undecided, Cheeky Jesus stickers are here to make you smile.

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