Eco-Friendly Vinyl Stickers

We know there is no such thing as a 100% green vinyl sticker. Those who advertise such a thing are spreading lies. By its very definition, vinyl is made with a plastic base material.

That said, there are more eco-friendly ways to print. We use every means at our disposal to print the most durable vinyl sticker with the smallest carbon footprint possible. This includes:

1. We source all our vinyl materials from USA manufacturers located as close to our studio as possible, reducing the energy and materials needed to ship.

2. We use uncoated and recycled materials for all our shipping packaging.

3. We pay carbon offsets for shipping.

4. All of our printers use eco-solvent inks.

5. We use every efficiency to reduce and recycle everywhere we can during production.

Be assured as technology advances to be more green, we will adopt it.