Swear Word Stickers (Explicit Language Stickers)

There’s nothing like a well-placed curse word. Thanks to swear word art stickers, we mean that literally. Whether you have a mouth like a sailor or rarely cuss (out loud, anyways), swear word stickers are oddly gratifying. Slap  one on your laptop to let off some steam or repel crappy energy with everyone's favorite spray. Up your positive self-talk game with an expletive-fueled reminder of how amazing you are, or show your softer side with a delicate flower sticker that’s more snarky than sweet. 

Each original swear word design is illustrated by Nice Enough founder Biff Ulm, who first learned the power of cursing when, at age four, he randomly called his entire family a “bunch of fuckers” over Thanksgiving dinner—and lived to tell about it as they burst into laughter. Made with only the highest color and print-quality standards, our decal-quality stickers are not to be fucked with. They’ll withstand weather, water, and dishwasher cycles with zero issues, so you can swear without abandon.