Dishwasher Safe Stickers

Shhhhh.... We have a secret. We have spent years of blood, sweat, and tears testing and refining our sticker-making process. The end result is our ability to make the most durable stickers on the planet without (or possibly with) alien technology. All of our stickers can handle anything you can throw at them, including the most industrial dishwashers.

Our Dishwasher-Safe Stickers Collection features those stickers we think go best on mugs, water bottles, lunch boxes, etc.  But the truth is that all of our stickers regardless of size or category you find them in are made with the same high-quality vinyl and are dishwasher safe, weatherproof, and UV resistant. So you can be sure that your stickers will stay looking their best, no matter how many times you put them through the toughest clean cycle.


(P.S. We're not responsible for any broken dishes if you get too carried away with your sticker decorating.)